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Maxwell Leadership

With nearly five decades of growing leaders around the world through his teachings and practical leadership principles, John C. Maxwell is a leading expert when it comes to personal growth, communication, and people development. 

As a Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Member, I am able to utilize his resources to train and teach values-based leadership. What sets the Maxwell Leadership Team apart is that we're allowed to uniquely tailor John's materials to fit our own style and the needs of the individuals and organizations that contract to work with us. Plus, as a member of the Mentorship Program and President's Advisory Council, I have access to the faculty and executive team of the Maxwell Enterprise for business mentorship.

Available Resources

  • The Best In-Class Leadership, Growth, & Communication Resources

  • The Specialized Maxwell Method of DISC Behavioral Assessments for:

    • Standard Adult Report​ (available in Spanish)

    • Student Success Report (ages 10-15)

    • Career Report (ages 16+)

    • Sales Profile Report

    • Sales Leader Report

    • Entrepreneur Report

    • Group Report (Teams)

    • Interview Report (Potential New Hires)

  • The Maxwell Leadership Game

  • Coaching Tools, Resources, and Direct Access to Master Coach Valorie Burton (founder of the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute)

  • *Change Your World Values Tables

  • *iLead Curriculum (3 years) for Use in Schools (Youth) 

  • *Global Youth Initiative

  • World Class Training for Leaders to Develop Their Speaking & Coaching Skills

  • Annual Live2Lead Conferences (only through MLCT coaches)

*Services offered without charge. Contact us to find out more.

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All Videos

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