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We partner with values-based leaders and organizations who not only want to invest in the development of themselves and their staff, but also grow as a catalyst for impact beyond. Together, we'll build a powerful relationship designed to create a program that helps you reach your vision and fulfill your mission. We're with you every step of the way with the flexibility to custom design, pivot, adapt, or completely change the approach. Together, we change the world one person at a time.

individual & team Coaching

There is nothing more powerful than personal coaching. Meant to draw the answers from within you, when the insights and 'aha' moments come, they stick much stronger and connect at a heart level and not simply an intellectual one. Take this powerful service to the top floor by inviting your entire leadership team to a brave space that's psychologically safe for shifting company values and culture.         



Consulting is the capstone of what we do. A large part of our mission is to spend time daily developing our knowledge base and experience around the latest research in leadership, human behavior, and team dynamics so that you don't have to! When you hire us as your consultant, you contract all of our services as we deem fit to help with strategic planning and a blueprint to get you to where you want to go.

KeyNote & motivational speaking

What happens when you bring a motivational teacher in for your annual conference or board meeting? You get more than an inspiring message. You and your team get the tools necessary to implement the message.  The best speakers intentionally get to know their audience before they get on stage. That allows us to make a lasting connection with each person and to ensure the message sticks, impacting their decisions long after we speak.

industry-leading trainings

Focusing on leadership training, personal growth and development, communication, values, and culture, this aspect of Lemieux Leadership can look like anything from a 45 minute lunch and learn to multiple day workshops, leader advances, and custom programs. The sky's the limit! What makes us different than other leadership development companies is our bent towards taking action and multiplying leaders in your organization.

Maxwell Method of DISC

When it comes to better communication as a leader, the Maxwell Method of DISC is the only method (out of about 50!) you should be using. It's the only one that 100% leadership-based and focused on developing you strengths. Lemieux Leadership can offer you and your team more than 10 different reports (see the Maxwell Leadership tab for specifics) including ones geared towards children, young adults, teams, and potential new hires!

mastermind groups & the leadership game

Roundtable groups are the new rage, and for good reason! If you're looking to connect and create brave spaces that are psychologically safe and conducive to cultural and organizational transformation, this is where it starts. It is the concept of bringing a group of likeminded individuals together to study a book or idea and share in ways that can create new insights that couldn't have happened without the group.

What Our Clients are Saying

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Alicia, Mayoral Candidate-Albany, NY

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